Prayasnagar, Bashundhara chouki, Kathmandu, Nepal

School of children from different religions, cultures and social classes.



Prayasnagar, Bashundhara chouki

Kathmandu, Nepal

Sunday to Friday:

06:00 am- 07:00 pm


123 456 789

Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

Academic Information

New Academic Year 2017/18 AD (2074 BS)starts from 14th of April 2017(Baishakh 1, 2074) onwards

Information of Academic Year -2074(2017/18)

Holidays of Year 2074(2017/18):

  •  Total Public Holidays are 35 Days

  • Total Saturdays (not working days) are 52 days

Academic Activities of Year 2074 (2017/18):

  • Three Terminal Exams are taken in one academic year and total 30 days are consumed for three exams.  

  • In one academic year, students take total 15 days for refreshment after they finish their exams.

  • There are 50 Fridays in one academic year. All Fridays are used for Extra Co-Curricular Activities.

  • The total classroom teaching/learning days are just 183 in the ongoing academic year. 


  • School Management Committee meeting is conducted one time in every two months.
  • School Advisory Board Meeting is called if needed only.
  • School Parents’ Meeting is held in every two months. 
  • Teacher-Parent Interaction Program is organized two times a year.
  • Student-Parent Interaction Program is made one time in one academic year. 
  • Teacher-Student Interaction is scheduled two times in a year.
  • School Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Meeting is arranged on every last Friday of the Month.


  • School conducts Extra Co-Curricular Activities on every Friday except on last Friday of the month.
  • Selection of Friday Activities depends on weather. 
  • Parents/guardians are not allowed to visit classrooms when the class is going on. 
  • If parents/guardians want to talk to principal/teachers, appointment should be taken one or two days earlier.
  • Parents/guardians should contact school administration to forward their complaints or suggestions to teachers or  to any other school staff.
  • School work schedule can be changed when situation does not favour.
  • When students’ educational tour and picnic dates are confirmed , school will inform parents/guardians for their help.
  • Hostel students can go home on every last Friday of the month and should come back to school Saturday evening or Sunday morning.
  • School does not give Summer or Winter vacation to students.